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Simply download CensusConnect browser plug-in, then navigate to your favorite real estate, news, or other sites. Neighborhood demographic data magically appears!


What it does

CensusConnect overlays neighborhood data on top of your favorite sites. Take the guess work out of understanding a neighborhoods' makeup. We do the homework for you. CensusConnect is not affiliated or endorsed by zillow or trulia

Surf to your favorite real estate site

Surf your favorite real estate listing site.

Click CensusConnect Icon

CensusConnect icon magically appears. Simply click the icon.

Demographic Data is Displayed

All of the important demographic data is displayed.

How it Works

Get the most important census demographic information surrounding any address that appears on the web.

Add in Seconds

Simply click download to add to your computer and it's 100% free to try

Browse Like Normal

Browse to your favorite real estate, news, or other site like normal

CensusConnect Icon

The CensusConnect icon will appear alongside any address on the page

Demographic Data

Click the icon and you will see census demographic information for that address

Block Level Neighborhood Data

Neighborhoods can vary wildly from block to block. By using the latest 2020 Census block-level data, we are able to obtain the socio-economic characteristics at the block-level, which often captures the demographics for the closest 100 people to a specific address .

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We are stepping in where your favorite websites fail.

Some of the most valuable information that websites can provide is the surrounding neighborhood information. However, often times, these sites simply leave this valuable information out. Here is a breakdown of sites our users typically use CensusConnect for:

Real Estate 95%
News 80%
Investment 60%
Other 25%


Frequently asked questions. If you don't see an answer below, please email our support.

CensusConnect tries to identify addresses on any site, be it a real estate site, news site, google, or anything else. However, from time to time, we are unable to definitively identify an address on a page. The following sites have been tested to work with CensusConnect:

  • zillow.com
  • trulia.com
  • redfin.com
  • realtor.com
  • homes.com
  • apartments.com
  • realtytrac.com
  • MLS Listings

There are 100's of MLS listing sites spread across the 50 states. Please email to Support to see if we can add your listing.

Yes. You may download CensusConnect from the AppleStore for Safari browser. For Android, you need to download a browser that supports Chrome Extension (.e.g. Kiwi).. then download CensusConnect from the Chrome Web Store.

CensusConnect only works on Safari Browser on the iPhone, not Chrome, so make sure you are using Safari to Browse sites. If still not working. after installing CensusConnect from the Apple Store, please follow the instructions here to enable it to work on the iPhone.

Yes. Your subscription provides you unlimited access to CensusConnect from any and all devices. Simply use the same login credentials you signed up with to access CensusConnect from these devices.

Click Account to go to your account page, and click the Cancel link.

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“It’s just brilliant. I recommend CensusConnect to everyone I know! I’m really glad CensusConnect is out there.”

Gene Liu

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“We just launched a new real estate company, and CensusConnect has saved us countless hours of research. It has great features!”

Jane Engleman